ARF Supreme Council Releases Statement on Armenia’s Parliamentary Elections

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council of Armenia on April 5 released the following statement regarding the 2017 Armenian Parliamentary Elections.


The April 2 Parliamentary Elections were the first test for the new parliamentary and electoral systems, put forth for the formation of a new political culture and a new beginning for Armenia.

Based on an analysis of the pre-election period, Election Day, and the election results, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council notes the following:

  1. The free competition and overall civilized nature of the campaigns of the participating forces is commendable.
  2. The unexpected high voter turnout must be further analyzed. On one hand, the civic activism that was displayed was encouraging, while on the other hand, high voter turnout could have come as a result of a misuse of financial and administrative resources.
  3. The fact remains that a substantial part of civil society, which does not have the required political inclination, is unable to make a free and informed choice in these difficult socio-economic times. The radical change of the society’s spiritual-cultural and political value systems is a very serious challenge to the political parties, civil society, and national-state elites.
  4. The political field has now been crystallized to a certain degree. Openly subversive and defeatist ideas were not accepted by the people.
  5. We commend the fact that the media and genuinely independent observation missions carried out their professional and civic duty properly.
  6. Discussions about the ARF’s role within the new National Assembly will continue in the coming days. In the meantime, we would like to sincerely thank every single citizen for their informed vote, as well as all those who participated in our campaign.
  7. During these elections, the ARF made serious and necessary strides forward. We will continue to be consistent in implementing our ideas and programs and fulfilling our promise to the citizens of Armenia of a new beginning—to have a free, fair, peaceful, and prosperous Armenia.

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia

April 5, 2017