Concert in New York marks 25th anniversary of Armenia’s UN membership

Concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s membership in the UN was held in New York on March 16. Attending the event were Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, UN Secretary António Guterres, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the UN, high-ranking officials of the UN Secretariat, representatives of the Armenian community.

Addressing the attendees, Minister Nalbandian said “it’s hard to overestimate the importance of the day.

“Armenia joined the UN family at a time full of challenges, but this never undermined our determination and commitment to build a society in full compliance with the goals and principles of the UN,” he said.

“We are guided by the UN Charter, which calls to unite to maintain international peace and security, develop good-neighborly relations between states based on the respect for equality and the right to self-determination. The full and steady implementation of these commitments is the duty of all member states. Armenia is fully faithful to these commitments, including in its efforts towards an exceptionally peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict ” Edward Nalbandian said.

He noted that Armenian directly contributes to global peace, participating in a number of peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon and Mali.

“We have joined the efforts of the international community aimed at non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, fight against terrorism, search for ways to solve the migrant crisis. Armenia has provided refuge to 22 thousand refugees from Syria, making the country the third in Europe with the number of migrants per capita. Our country is doing the utmost to contribute to tolerance and promote intercultural, interreligious dialogue, fight racism, propaganda of hatred and xenophobia,” Edward Nalbandian stated.