Garo Paylan proposed to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The “Hamshenuhi” (Hamshen-Armenian Woman) International Women’s Association has applied to the Nobel Committee with a proposal to award Turkish lawmaker of Armenian descent representing Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) with the Nobel Peace Prize, reads the statement issued by the President of the Association Saida Ohanyan.

“This year our organization has applied to the Nobel Committee with a proposal to award Nobel Peace Prize to the member of the Turkish parliament (representing pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party) Garo Paylan – an individual who has dedicated his life to the protection of the rights of the Armenian and other indigenous peoples of the region.

“Today, Paylan is one of the few people who undertake responsibility for protecting the human rights of indigenous peoples, religious and ethnic minorities” reads the statement. Saida Ohanyan noted that the peace seeds sown by Paylan for the mutual understanding and tolerance between the representatives of different nationalities and religions are giving positive results in the Turkish public. “And despite all the actual pressures and threats he has suffered from nationalist and extremist forces who are all linked to the authorities who demand him to end his human and political activities”, Ohanyan said.

The association calls on all institutions and organizations protecting goodwill, women’s rights and human rights in general to participate in this initiative and to vote for Garo Paylan or make individual submissions suggesting Paylan’s nomination.

The deadline for the application is January 30, 2018.