Ministry of Diaspora initiates «NerUZH» Youth Startup Program for young entrepreneurs of Armenian descent

The Ministry of Diaspora is starting a programme called “Neruzh” cooperating parallelly with the foundations FAST and IDEA, UWC Dilijan and Impact Hub Yerevan.

«NerUZH» Diaspora Youth Startup Program is an interactive program for young entrepreneurs of Armenian descent, aged 18-35, to advance their businesses by enriching their knowledge base, expanding network, and receiving funding after pitches. It aims to create an opportunity for young Armenian entrepreneurs from diaspora to bring startups to Armenia and enhance startup ecosystem in the country.

The Program will take place from 16 to 21 December, 2018 in UWC, Dilijan, Armenia.

The four-day event has the following primary objectives:

  • Create platform and opportunities for Armenian descent young entrepreneurs to do business in Armenia;
  • Support the ecosystem and build a strong and healthy startup ecosystem;
  • Provide applied direction on how to build value generating commercially viable and scalable startup businesses;
  • Build and employ core startup business development skills;
  • Create opportunities for collaboration and funding.

The target sectors of the Program are Agriculture, Tourism and Innovative Technologies.

Application deadline: September 13, 2018

Click here for information about application procedure: