Nikol Pashinyan, Justin Trudeau discuss future development of bilateral relations

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan received Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who is in Armenia on an official visit.

An official welcoming ceremony took place followed by a narrow-format meeting of the two Prime Ministers. 

PM Pashinyan said in his welcoming speech,

“Honorable Mr. Prime Minister,

I am glad to welcome you in the capital city of Armenia. You are the first Prime Minister of Canada to pay an official visit to the Republic of Armenia and this is a historical event. I think you have already felt the positive attitude in our country towards your country and personally you and I hope that the already established relations will help to raise the friendly relations between our countries to a new level.  I once again welcome you and I am glad to see you in Armenia”.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said in his speech, “Mr. Prime Minister, I am very grateful to you for the reception. It’s a great honor to be in Armenia. I think you know that years ago I had the honor to visit Armenia with my father on summer holidays. He was no longer the Prime Minister of Canada at that time, which means I am the first Prime Minister of Canada to pay an official visit to Armenia. But even at that time I felt the friendship between Armenians and Canadians and the reception I received in Armenia today and in the previous days was great. It just an honor to be here. I am thankful”.

PM Pashinyan presented his Canadian counterpart with the Armenian translation of the book “Common Ground” authorized by Justin Trudeau. “This is another proof that you have a unique place in the perceptions of the citizens of Armenia and this is the Armenian translation of your book which I am glad to present to you”.

Justin Trudeau thanked for the gift, noting that he was not aware about the translation and is very happy for that.

The interlocutors discussed a number of issues of bilateral interest, including the political changes in Armenia. Justin Trudeau noted that when developments jeopardizing democracy were taking place throughout the globe, Armenia served as an example for the entire world, which was excellent not only for Armenia, but for the entire world. The Canadian PM emphasized that he has visited Armenia also for the reason to show the readiness of his country to support Armenia’s development. “The democratic developments of Armenia are a reason of pride not only for Armenians, but the entire world”, Justin Trudeau emphasized, adding that Canada is ready to support Armenia in the directions of economic development, attraction of investments, improvement of infrastructures and so on.

Speaking about the economic development of Armenia, PM Pashinyan emphasized that the goal of the Government is to change the economic structure of the country, making Armenia a technological country, and expressed confidence that there is the potential necessary for that. The PM added that the Government of Armenia has achieved serious success in the direction of fighting corruption and expressed confidence that it will foster the improvement of business environment and economic progress of the country.  

Nikol Pashinyan and Justin Trudeau referred to other issues of development of Armenian-Canadian cooperation in various spheres.