Two Trees

Written by: Moushegh Ishkhan

Translated by:Varak Babian


Two trees, two youthful firs,

As if snow capped phantoms

Amidst winter’s harsh breath…

They tremble and howl; lamenting borrowed time 


Another tree, belonging to Christmas- grand and regal…

Glimmers within lights,

And with smiles of the stars

There, alone echoing a bride’s disposition


Two trees, two frozen firs

Within view of the luminous window,

They cast ceaseless looks inside…

With an admiration they yearn, a thousand times over.


Yet that magnificent tree, a living tragedy

With hatcheted roots,

Though enchanted with lights,

There with each passing hour; drained of breath, it fades…


*Translated from the original, Moushegh Ishkhan’s ºñÏáõ ̳é»ñ