With 81% of Votes, Pashinian’s ‘My Step’ Wins Yerevan City Elections

“Asbarez”-Prime Minister’s Nikol Pashinyan’s “My Step” Alliance on Sunday swept to a resounding victory in the Yerevan Municipal Elections capturing more than 81 percent of the votes to guarantee the political bloc the most seats on the city council, according to results published by Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission.

Coming in a distant second was businessman Gagik Tsarukyan’s Prosperous Party of Armenia , which received seven percent of the votes, with the Luys Alliance capturing the third spot with five percent of the votes. The remaining nine parties and alliances did not receive the needed five percent of the votes to be part of the City Council.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation was in fourth place with 1.62 percent of the votes.

The “My Step” victory paves the way for actor-comedian turned activist Hayk Marutyan to become Yerevan’s new mayor.

According to preliminary statistics published by the CEC, of the 848,343 registered voters 370,323 (43.65 percent) took part in Sunday’s special elections.

Below are the preliminary results from the CEC with 100 percent of precincts reporting.
MY STEP PARTIES ALLIANCE                             294,109                             81.06%

PROSPEROUS ARMENIA PARTY                          25,219                                6.95%

LUYS PARTIES ALLIANCE                                       18,122                                4.99%

A.R.F.-DASHNAKTSUTYUN                                      5,882                                1.62%

YERKIR TSIRANI PARTY                                            5,059                                 1.39%

YEREVANTSINER PARTIES ALLIANCE                 2,985                                  .82%

HERITAGE PARTY                                                        2,709                                   .75%

YEREVAN SOCIETY PARTIES ALLIANCE              2,502                                    .69%

DEMOCRATIC WAY PARTY                                            799                                    .22%

REFORMISTS PARTY                                                        792                                     .22%

HAYQ (HAYKAZUNS) PARTY                                         692                                     .19%