Armenian American Designer Shifts from Sewing Glamorous Dresses to Making Masks

Pol Atteu

(Armradio)- After non-essential businesses closed in Los Angeles due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Armenian American designer Pol Atteu shifted from sewing glamorous dresses for celebrities to making masks.

Pol Atteu has dressed a number of celebrities – from US first ladies to Hollywood stars. The doors of his boutique in downtown Beverly Hills have closed for the first time in 27 years.

During the pandemic, the designer is making masks for celebrities, health workers and even the homeless.

The masks with an Armenian flag are of great demand. The designer has never been to Armenia but hopes to fulfill the dream in the future.

“I was born in the US and have never been to Armenia, but have always been proud of being Armenian. Armenians continue to create wherever they are,” he told the Voice of America.

Pol says there are no red carpets today, and health is a priority.

His masks with the American flag were first delivered to the White House. The designer is willing to provide masks with Armenian flags to Armenian organizations.