Armenian PM salutes US Congress’ historic vote on Armenian Genocide

(Armradio)- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan saluted the US Congress historic vote recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

“Resolution 296 is a bold step towards serving truth and historical justice that also offers comfort to millions of descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors,” the Prime Minister said in a twitter post.

He also offered heartfelt congratulations to Armenian compatriots all over the world and expressed admiration for generations of Armenian-Americans, “whose selfless activism and perseverance were the driving force and the inspiration behind today’s historic vote.”

The US House of Representatives voted today to adopt a resolution (H. Res. 296) affirming the United States record on the Armenian Genocide.

The resolution establishes a proactive policy of recognizing Armenian genocide and challenge Turkey’s denials of the crime.

It ensures that the United States commemorates the Armenian Genocide through official recognition and remembrance and rejects efforts to enlist, engage, or otherwise associate the United States Government with denial of the Armenian Genocide or any other genocide

It also encourages education and public understanding of the facts of the Armenian Genocide, including the United States role in the humanitarian relief effort, and the relevance of the Armenian Genocide to modern-day crimes against humanity.