ARS Issues an Emergency Appeal for the Lebanese-Armenian Community

ARS Issues an Emergency Appeal for the Lebanese-Armenian Community

The economic crisis and the political instability in Lebanon have taken an evident toll on the Lebanese-Armenian community.

The Central Executive Board has closely monitored the circumstances and in November of 2019, already sent $5,000 USD in order to help the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon to ensure the provided services remain uninterrupted.

However, the situation has gotten progressively worse, and the number of Armenians asking for support from the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon has exponentially increased. Therefore, the Central Executive Board, during its first Plenary Meeting (Jan. 3-7, 2020), decided to initiate a campaign to collect donations as part of an Emergency Appeal for Lebanon. The CEB sent an additional $10,000 USD. 

Donations will be allocated towards the following programs:

Hot Meal Program

Through this project, entities and donors can sponsor the Hot Meal Program which is distributed to 150 community members in need. Although, this program has been operating for many years (offered twice a week), under these financial circumstances, the entity had to reduce it to only one day per week. The Central Executive Board has deemed this service a priority and it has reinstated the Hot Meal Program to twice a week. With funding, the entity will continue to serve meals twice a week.

Donation: 500 USD/per day for 150 people ($1,000 for both days per week).

Care Support

Through this project, imminent aid such as medication, one-month worth of groceries, and other basic needs will be provided to individuals (who already rely on the entity for their medication and nutrition) in order to help with the well-being of all community members.

Donation: 250 USD

Hope Package

Through this project, families in need will receive a box of groceries with a supply of food that can last them a month.

Donation: 150 USD

As usual, any donation, regardless of how large it may be, can greatly contribute to the cause. General donations will be distributed by the Central Executive Board and the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon, wherever it is most needed.

It is our responsibility to support the Armenian community of Lebanon which has been a pillar in our diaspora with its schools, cultural centers, and organizations, and has continued to participate in homeland and diaspora initiatives.

We call on the community to join our efforts for this emergency appeal and help us extend our healing hands to our compatriots to help bring a smile to the children, teenagers, and the elderly.