Hayastan Fund Consolidating Support From Armenians Around the World To Fight Against COVID-19

(Armradio)- The Hayastan All Armenian Fund is currently consolidating support from Armenians around the world in the form of donations to fight against the coronavirus.

All funds collected through this initiative will be used to provide urgently required medical supplies to the Healthcare Sector and families who need help to weather this storm.

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has caused a global call to action and cooperation. In times of crisis Armenians around the word have always come together to help each other and their homeland, the Hayastan Fund said in a statement.  

“The Government of Armenia and the Ministry of Health have kept our citizens informed of not only the current situation through regular updates but the steps required to prevent further escalation in the spread of the virus,” the statement reads.   

“Our healthcare professionals have selflessly put their own lives at risk to help those in need and worked diligently to stem the spread of this virus. The potential for an exponential increase, the healthcare sector needs all the support we, as Armenians, can provide,” Hayastan Fund stated.

For the online crowdfunding campaign click here.