The 2020 Canadian Lunenburg Doc Fest To Kick Off With Maronian’s “Bloodless”

Filmmaker Bared Maronian’s latest documentary about Armenia’s Velvet Revolution “Bloodless: The Path to Democracy” will be featured at The Lunenburg Doc Fest, Nova Scotia, as the Opening Night Film.

Lunenburg is a prominent festival that can qualify Bloodless for Canada’s most prestigious film awards. The documentary will be live streamed on September 24, (6:00 pm EST).

Cultural Impact Foundation (CIF), which had commissioned multiple award-winning director Maronian the film, announced that the documentary is awarded the Indiedance Film Festival 2020 Best Producer and Best Documentary Feature. “Bloodless” was also a Vitruvian Award winner at the 2020 Davinci International Film Festival.

The virtual showing of Bloodless at the Lunenburg Doc Fest will be available in Canada and the US on September 24, (6:00pm EST). Ticket purchase at the price of $5, which will give viewers an opportunity to vote for “Bloodless” for an audience award. Also, a Q & A session with Maronian will follow the screening.  

The film can be purchased and watched here: