Canadian-Armenian Ethnomusicologist Publishes Second Volume of ‘’Vocal Art of Armenian Composers: Survivors of the Genocide’’

The McGill Conservatory and the Marvin Duchow Music Library today anounced the publication of Vocal Art of Armenian Composers, Volumes I and II, by Hasmig Injejikian (project director).

On the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the project “Vocal Art of Armenian Composers: Survivors of the Genocide” was designed to commemorate those who lost their lives during the Armenian Genocide (1915), and to celebrate the survivors whose work contributed not only to Armenian musical culture but also to the musical world at large.

The project aims to make this repertoire accessible to all by means of concerts, recordings and printed material with literal and idiomatic translation, and IPA transliteration.

The first volume of “Vocal Art of Armenian Composers: Survivors of the Genocide” (2016) features songs by Komitas (1869-1935), Kourken Alemshah (1907-1947), Vahan Bedelian (1894-1990), Hampartsum Berberian (1905-1999), Parsegh Ganatchian (1885-1967), and Avedis Messouments (1905-1981). These songs are an essential addition to the ever growing treasure of art song recital repertoire.

The second volume of “Vocal Art of Armenian Composers” (2017), subtitled “Love Songs and Romances,” includes the work of Komitas, Alemshah, Ganatchian, Berberian, along with songs by three new surviving composers.

The project continues to bring the vocal art of these composers to new generations of Armenian and non-Armenian singers, musicians and audiences.