Aris Babikian becomes first Armenian to be elected to Ontario Legislative Assembly

Aris Babikian with Ontario PC leader Doug Ford

Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leader Doug Ford has won the provincial election with a majority government, overtaking both NDP leader Andrea Horwath and incumbent Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Just 15 minutes after polls closed, the PCs had a commanding lead.

Ford successfully channelled populist sentiment in Ontario and successfully galvanized voters’ anger towards the Liberals, who spent the last 15 years in power. Ford had banked on voters believing in his vision for change and pledges to cut government spending, slash taxes for the middle class and offer relief to minimum-wage workers.

PC member Aris Babikian made history on Thursday night, becoming the first Armenian candidate to win a seat in an Ontario provincial election. Long time community activist and former citizenship judge Aris Babikian run as the PC candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt riding.

Aris Babikian is a retired Citizenship Judge, World Vision Canada Multicultural Council Ambassador, Chair of Levant Settlement Centre, and board member of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

As citizenship judge, he lectured on human rights, civic participation, tolerance, Canadian values and traditions. Aris has strong attachment to Canada’s youth.

His unwavering commitment to volunteerism and to public service is well known. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Canadian civil society, the Canadian government awarded Aris with Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee Medals and Canada’s 125th Confederation Commemorative Medal.

As president of the Armenian National Federation of Canada and the first executive director of the government relations office (Ottawa) of the Armenian National Committee of Canada, he contributed significantly to the Canadian-Armenian community’s political, educational, cultural, youth and sports domains.

Horizon Weekly Newspaper