Armenian Grandmaster Hayk Martirosyan Defeats Azerbaijan’s Leading Chess Player at the World Chess Cup In Sochi

(Zartonk Media)- Armenian chess grandmaster Hayk Martirosyan defeated leading Azerbaijani chess player leading Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in the first game of the 3rd round of the World Chess Cup at Sochi, Russia which started on July 12 and will end on August 6, reports the Chess Federation of Armenia.
In the previous round, Martirosyan defeated the strongest grandmaster of Turkey, Yilmaz Mustafa with one victory and one draw to win a ticket to the third round.
The second games of the 2nd round of the World Chess Cup took place today. In the women’s tournament, Armenia’s Elina Danielyan gained an advantage over Irina Bulmaga in the second game and won a ticket to the third round, where her opponent will be the representative of Kazakhstan Dinara Sadvokasova.
It should be noted that the leader the Armenian chess, Levon Aronian, did not to participate in the tournament due to health problems.
The tournament in Sochi started on July 12 and will end on August 6. The participants of the World Cup final will have the right to play in the Candidates Tournament.