Armenian Soldier Killed By Azerbaijani Forces Near The Nakhchivan Border

On July 14 at around 10:30 am, Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened fire in the direction of Armenian positions, killing an Armenian soldier near Armenia’s Yeraskh village on the Armenian-Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) border, informs the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.
The units of the Azerbaijani Forces advanced their battle positions to carry out fortification works using engineering equipment.
The countermeasures of the Armenian Forces were aimed at stopping the Azerbaijani provocation. A serviceman of the Armenian Armed Forces received a fatal gunshot wound as a result of the skirmish. The Azerbaijani side also has losses.
The Ministry of Defense of Armenia strongly condemned Azerbaijan’s provocation, warning that they will receive a tough response. Azerbaijan’s military and political leadership bear full responsibility for any further escalation of situation, said the Armenian MoD.
Yeraskh is the last Armenian village on the closed border with Azerbaijan’s exclave of Nakhchivan, what used to be the main road and rail connections between Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan proper.