Aurora Prize Laureate Dr. Tom Catena In Conversation With TorontoHye Reporter Lori Najarian

Aurora Prize Laureate Dr. Tom Catena

Aurora Prize laureate and the chair of Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Dr. Tom Catena has saved and cared for thousands of lives as the sole surgeon and director of “Mother of Mercy” hospital in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba Mountains. He continues to run the hospital and has taken the role of chair of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative since December 2018.

Dubbed the World’s Most Important Doctor, Dr. Catena was the guest of TorontoHye reporter Lori Najarian, in Yerevan, Armenia, as part of Aurora Forum events. Dr. Catena discusses the source of his drive for humanitarianism, the impact Aurora has made in his life, his impressions of Armenia, the challenge of balancing his duties, and the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative’s vision.