Azerbaijan Takes Complete Control Over Kapan-Agarak Road In Syunik Province – Mayor

Armenpress- The road linking Kapan with the village of Agarak in the province of Syunik has completely gone under Azerbaijani control and thus Armenian citizens have stopped using it, the Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan told lawmakers during a discussion.

“We have three problematic roads – Kapan-Goris, Kapan-Tchakaten and the Kapan-Agarak village. The Kapan-Goris road is functioning, Kapan-Tchakaten is also functioning, but we had to stop using the part leading from Kapan to Agarak village because it has completely gone under [Azerbaijani] control,” Parsyan said.

However, he noted that there is an alternative road but it is several times longer and needs a complete reconstruction.

“Because of not using the road, in a sense the villagers of Agarak, Yeghvard and Ujanis have become blockaded,” Parsyan said.

The parliamentary discussion is launched by the opposition Prosperous Armenia party to discuss the ongoing delimitation and demarcation at the state border.