Democracies Must Stand With Armenia – Canadian Senator

Canadaian Senator Leo Housakos

(Armradio)- Democracies must stand with Armenia, Canadaian Senator Leo Housakos said as he commented on the violation of the Armenian border by the Azerbaijani side.

“The violation of Armenia’s sovereign territory by Azerbaijani troops is a dangerous and illegal act of aggression that underscores the sustained threat that the Armenian people continue to face. Democracies must stand with Armenia,” the Senator said in a Twitter post.

On May 12 Azerbaijan’s armed forces crossed the state border of the Republic of Armenia and advanced 3.5 kilometers in Sev Lich (Black Lake) section in Syunik province. in an attempt to surround and siege the lake.

On Thursday the Ministry of Defense reported provocations in the Vardenis and Sisisan sections.