Fly Armenia Airways: New Airline Enters the Armenian Market

(Armradio)- Fly Armenia Airways announces that it has obtained Air Operator Certificate from the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia and enters the Armenian market “with new reliable and profitable offers to the Armenian public and Armenian business community.”

The company is run by experienced and professional Armenian aviation experts and former Lufthansa top Managers:

“We will operate as a full-service airline, where passengers will be treated to the famous Armenian hospitality. We provide free meal, free luggage and free travel for children under two, as well as many other services that have been unknown to Armenian travelers by now,” the company said in a press release.              

The fleet consists of Boeing 737 aircraft and is expected to be expanded, as in the near future the number of planned destinations (currently Russia, Europe and the Middle East) will be increased with the launch of direct flights to Los Angeles, Beijing and Shanghai.

“Our aim is to increase passenger flow and volume of airfreight to and from Armenia. This will help improve the logistics and economic situation in Armenia, and with our reliable passenger and cargo services it will be possible to create new tourist and business destinations,” the airline said.

Fly Armenia Airways will operate A-300 freighter and B-747 freighter for cargo transportation and will use Yerevan as a transit center due to its excellent geographical location.

Fly Armenia Airways positions itself as an “Armenia – Diaspora” Airline, which will provide services to Armenians in the Motherland and abroad.