Aris Babikian Running for the Conservative Seat in the Scarborough- Agincourt Riding

Tony Clement (Parry Sound–Muskoka MP), Peter Kent (Thornhill MP), Ward 39 Councillor Jim Karygiannis, retired Senator Con Di Nino, Vincent Ke (Don Valley North PC Candidate), Vijay Thanigasalam (Scarborough-Rouge Park PC Candidate), and 2014 Scarborough-Agincourt PC Candidate Liang H Chen and Aris Babikian at the opening of the latter’s campaign office.

Q. You are running as the PC candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt in the upcoming provincial elections. What are your priorities for this riding?

A- My priorities for the residents of Scarborough include the following:

– Enhancing our healthcare system to focus on providing much-needed support for our seniors who have been neglected for years under Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal Government

– I will fight hard for the extension of the Sheppard subway line to alleviate congestion from our streets and offer Scarborough residents an easier commute into the City.

– Empower parents by working with experts to repeal the current Sex-Ed curriculum.

– I will make it my priority to provide relief to residents and small businesses who are suffering from skyrocketing hydro rates. Lowering hydro rates will make Ontario more competitive and enticing to investors.

Q. Can you identify the area of your electoral district and how our community votes contribute to the overall voting results?

A. The electoral district is known as Scarborough-Agincourt. It stretches from 401 North to Steeles. From Victoria Park East to Midland.

This election is about change. Hard working Ontario families in Scarborough–Agincourt can take a stand and replace years of waste under the Ontario Liberals with respect for taxpayers under a Doug Ford administration.

The vote of the Armenian community in Scarborough-Agincourt is essential to achieving victory on June 7 and electing the first Armenian MPP. We urge our community members to get out and vote early. They can vote at the advance polls which will take place starting on May 26th to May 30th at the Scarborough-Agincourt Returning Office located at 3020 Bridletwone Circle (Northside of Bridlewood Mall, the old Canada Post office) and two other locations.

Community members can also volunteer and generously donate to the campaign. Also, we need volunteers for telephone and door-to-door canvassing, sign installation, literature drop crew, and other activities.

Regarding financial donations, only individuals residing in Ontario can donate. The maximum per-person donation amount is $1,200. The donor receives a 75% Tax Credit on the first $400, and for donation amounts over $400, they receive a 50% tax credit.

Q. Can you give our readers a guide as to how the voting works: how constituents can find their district, advance voting, or if away from home?

A. Elections Ontario established a returning office in each riding.  There are 124 ridings in Ontario. Each resident has to vote in his/her riding of residence. The returning office for Scarborough-Agincourt is located at 3020 Bridletowne Circle (Northside of Bridlewood Mall). The Advance Polls are open on May 26th– May 30thfrom 10am- 8:00pm.  Residents have to be Canadian citizens and 18 years and older to vote.

People who are traveling before May 26th, they can go to the returning office and vote any time between 10 am- 8:00 pm. There are special ballots for those who are in hospitals and at home who cannot get out to vote.

Q. It appears Conservatives are leading the polls, but no one can accurately predict the final election results. In case your Conservatives win, what are the major changes that your party will bring to the province?

A. I have been focused on protecting society’s most vulnerable and helping Ontario families get ahead. Scarborough families are working harder, paying more and getting less. It’s time for a change.

I am proud to say that the PC party platform meant to bring relief to Ontario families. We will provide:

  • Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors
  • Cutting Taxes for the Middle Class
  • Reducing Hydro Bills by 12%, saving the average family $173 per year.
  • Introduce a minimum wage tax credit that ensures minimum wage earners pay no provincial income tax.
  • Introduce a child care rebate.
  • Eliminating Kathleen Wynne’s ‘cap-and-trade’ saving drivers over four cents per liter at the pump.
  • Reduce the gas prices by 10 cents per-liter.
  • Build the Scarborough Subway Extension

Q. Many Armenian Canadians reside in your riding. In case you win, how do you think you can contribute to the Armenian Community of Toronto.

A. For forty years I have been involved in Armenian community activities at many levels–as a volunteer and as a leader. When elected, I will serve the community’s needs to the best of my abilities.