Moderna’s Noubar Afeyan Briefs Armenian President On The Testing of COVID-19 Vaccine

Noubar Afeyan -President Armen Sarkissian

(Armradio)- President Armen Sarkissian had a telephone conversation with Noubar Afeyan, a well-known American-Armenian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Aurora Humanitarian Initiative co-founder.

The American Moderna Therapeutics biotechnology company, co-founded and chaired by Noubar Afeyan, has developed a vaccine against coronavirus that has been undergoing clinical trials since March 17 at the Kaiser Permanente Health Research Institute in Seattle, Washington.

During the telephone conversation, Noubar Afeyan touched upon the development and testing of the vaccine against coronavirus.

The interlocutors discussed the situation in the world, including the situation caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Armenia, as well as the measures are taken to prevent and overcome the infection and their effectiveness.

Speaking about the steps to prevent and overcome the spread of the coronavirus infection in Armenia, President Sarkissian attached importance to the joint efforts and cooperation with international partners.