President Offers Establishing Hay Park Next to Tsitsernakaberd Memorial

Armenian Genocide Memorial, Tsitsernakaberd, Yerevan

(Armradio)- President Armen Sarkissian offers to establish Hay (Armenian) Park next to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial.

The President says after the coronavirus pandemic the world should re-evaluate itself and believes that life after coronavirus starts today.

“Today we need to think about how we are going to live after the coronavirus. In the case of Armenia, for example, one can start with the simplest, the public health sector. Today, I see even the most remote areas of the city from the balcony of my house, Mount Ararat is clearer than before. In other words, the air in our city is now 2-3 times cleaner than before the coronavirus. So why not think about having fresh air all the time?” President Sarkissian said speaking to Radio Liberty.

The President said that the parks are the “lungs” of Yerevan and that in order for our people to be able to live a healthy life, we need to have “healthy public lungs.”

In this context, President Sarkissian presented his idea of ​​creating Hay Park next to Tsitsernakaberd.

“We will soon commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide, reminding the world that not recognizing the Armenian Genocide or forgetting the lessons of history is dangerous for all mankind,” he said.

“If you look from the Genocide Memorial to Hrazdan Stadium, you will see a huge space, which, if I’m not mistaken, is about 103 hectares. This area is not cultivated, and our city needs a big park. I propose to create a national park, which will stretch from the Genocide Memorial across those 103 hectares,” he added.

The President said the first section of the park will consist of parts that will represent the regions of or historic motherland – Van, Erzrum, etc. The second section will represent the Diaspora scattered across the globe, i.e. Marseilles, New York, Moscow, Novosibirsk, etc. The third will present the regions, cities ad structures of our today’s Motherland.

“This division is symbolic in the sense that the whole area is divided into separate parts and trees are planted. It would be nice if the number of trees was about 1.5 million, one tree for each victim. This park will describe our historical losses, and at the same time, today’s Armenian world, Armenian statehood of Armenia and Artsakh. Moreover, by dividing the individual parts of the park and giving them names, we can encourage, for example, the people of Van to take the area of ​​the park and cultivate it. This will become a national park, an Armenian park, a Hay Park,” the President stated.

The President says it’s important for the park not to turn into a range of restaurants. Armen Sarkissian says he has discussed the idea with one of Europe’s most famous park designers.