Russian Servicemen Will Be Deployed Along Armenian-Azerbaijani Line of Contact, Gegharkunik Governor Confirms

Russian servicemen will be deployed along the Armenian-Azerbaijani line of contact, Gegharkunik Governor Gnel Sanosyan told a press conference today.

“A joint process is under way, as a result of which the Russian partners, servicemen will be deployed on the Armenian Azerbaijani border after a certain period,” Sanosyan said.

He said part of the contingent has already arrived in the province.

“The Armenian and Azerbaijani troops will be withdrawn from that area, after which the negotiations will continue and clarifications will be made on certain sectors.

The Governor said there have been no major changes in the border areas of Gegharkunik since the incursion of Azerbaijani troops in sovereign territory of Armenia on May 12.

He added, however, that incidents have periodically been registered, and one of Armenian soldiers sustained a minor injury in one of the recent ones.

“At this point the situation remains stable, no new incidents are reported,” Gnel Sanosyan stated.