Six Iranian-Armenians Among Candidates In Iran’s Parliamentary Elections

Elections in Iran 

(Armenpress). Iranians are heading to polling stations to elect a new parliament on February 21. The Iranian parliament, known as the Majlis, is a 290-seat unicameral legislature, with 5 seats envisaged for religious minorities.

Iranian-Armenian lawmaker of the Majlis Karen Khanlaryan told Armenpress the competition in the election is rather big, with an average of 50 candidates running for a single seat. And in addition to political parties, independent politicians are also running in the election. Khanlaryan himself is not seeking re-election.

The Armenian community of Iran has two seats in the parliament. One seat is for the Iranian-Armenians from southern Iran, and the other for the north.

Khanlaryan said 4 Armenian candidates are running for parliament in the northern part – Ara Shahverdyan, Albert Poghosyan, Aris Shahbazyan and Sevan Sohrayi. Two candidates – Robert Beglaryan and Emin Hovsep – are competing to represent the Armenians of Iran’s south.

The Iranian-Armenian candidates have campaigned during this period and presented their messages to voters: preservation of community organizations, protection of rights, resolution of community issues, recognition of Armenian Genocide etc.

The number of eligible voters in Iran is 58,000,000.