The Armenian Relief Society Mobilizes Global Emergency Relief

We are in the midst of an international emergency that is affecting all of us locally, along with significant and immediate consequences on our diaspora, our communities, and our homeland. The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board (CEB) urges all its members to stay well and safe. Social distancing and the avoidance of crowded places are essential to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have the utmost confidence in our entities and members who continue to support our communities especially the most vulnerable – our elderly and those in need. It is with everyone’s cooperation and shared resources where it matters the most that we can overcome this pandemic and keep our communities strong.

The ARS CEB responded immediately to the COVID-19 crisis by sending one ton of medical supplies to Armenia and Artsakh, in partnership with Chevy Chase Surgical Center, Armenia Fund, and the Ani and Narod Family Foundation. We are currently working on a second shipment to help our compatriots in Artsakh, and we need your assistance. Donate here

Furthermore, the ARS of Armenia has transferred $1,000USD to the Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Health, as well as $5,000USD to the Veterans Rehab Center at the Heratsi Hospital Complex, Children’s division in Yerevan, Armenia. Several ARS regions and chapters have teamed up with local organizations, Government entities, and churches to help at-risk community members

The ARS has also set up a Global Emergency Response Fund which will accept donations of medical equipment and funds to help reach out to our communities across the globe. The purpose of the Fund is to support those in need during this time of hardship — to help with vital necessities to sustain the wellbeing of our compatriots.

If you are willing and able to assist, please contact your local entity to see how you can lend a helping hand. Information is also widely available on our website (, social media, and local papers.

For everyone’s safety, the ARS CEB has decided to postpone the 110th Celebratory events which were scheduled to take place in Armenia and Artsakh from August 30-September 10, along with the 7th International Cruise which was scheduled in November of 2020. We will be rescheduling all events when the risk of spreading the virus comes to an end.

The ARS has a proven track record that reaches over a century. Thanks to the efforts, dedication and determination of our members we can maintain high standards of service and quick response times. Equivalently, our valued supporters have continuously answered our call to action — thank you, your continued support ensures our ability to sustain our global Armenian communities and lend a helping hand where it is most needed.

If you would like to give to the Global Emergency Response Fund please click the following link or mail your check payable to Armenian Relief Society, Inc. 80 Bigelow Ave., Suite 300, Watertown, MA 02472.

For Further Information, please visit: World Health Organization (WHO):


United States -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center