The Armenian Spellchecker for Android has Been Released

Nayiriboard is the first Armenian spellchecker for both branches of the Armenian language and for all the different types of the language’s users.

The Armenian Communities Department is proud to present the Armenian spellchecker for Android.

After the release of the spellchecker for iOS in late 2020, we are pleased that the Android has followed suit and is now accessible for free, already in its version 2.0!

Nayiriboard Android comes to enhance our mission to keep the Armenian language compatible with new technological developments, and to bring its use to our daily lives, work, and creative activities. It is through this indispensable tool that writing in Armenian will become easier and more natural on a day-to-day basis.

We thank the team at for producing this revolutionary tool. In its version 2.0, the Nayiriboard built-in spellchecker handles both Western and Eastern Armenian, and supports the classical Armenian orthography, as well as the current orthography used in Armenia. The Android spellchecker also features four keyboard layouts: Western, Eastern, Phonetic, and Typewriter. The spellchecker also features hundreds of emojis.

Download Nayiriboard for Android now for FREE from the Google Play Store and start typing in Armenian in any app!