Turkey Bans Delivery Of 100 Tons Of US Humanitarian Aid To Armenia Through Its Airspace

(Armenpress)- Turkey has banned the delivery of 100 tons of US humanitarian aid to Armenia through its airspace, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan said in a press conference.

‘’During these days nearly 700 tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Armenia from different counties – Russia, the USA, France, Ukraine, European countries, Javakhk, Tbilisi and this assistance is ongoing.  There is another 100 tons of humanitarian aid, ready to be delivered from the USA, but Turkey has banned the delivery of even humanitarian aid through its airspace, as a result of which that flight is being delayed’’, Sinanyan said.

In addition to political support to Azerbaijan, Turkey also supports it on the battlefield, by using its air force and sending thousands of terrorists to fight against Armenians.