Vandalism in Hadrut: Azerbaijanis Remove The Cross from Armenian Spitak Khach Church

(Armradio)- Azerbaijan consistently pursues the policy of destroying cultural values ​​and Armenian traces in the occupied territories of Artsakh.

A fresh example of vandalism is the removal of the cross from the Spitak Khach (White Cross) Church in the village of Vank in the Hadrut region, reports.

video shared on social media clearly shows that the Azerbaijanis have removed the cross of the church. Under the guise of renovation, the Azerbaijani side demolished the roof of the church, thus trying to completely eliminate the Armenian cultural trace, to present another Armenian church as Udi.

The proof of the fact is that in early November 2021 Azerbaijan organized a visit of religious representatives of its Udi community to the church. During the visit, the church was presented as an “Albanian-Udi cultural monument.”