Yerevan 37th Healthiest Capital City In Europe


Yerevan is the 37th healthiest capital city in Europe, according to a ranking by

The healthiest capital cities in Europe have been calculated using an expanse of data, collected from a number of sources including NumbeoHPI ThinkTankWorld Population ReviewWorld Bank Group and Index Mundi

Data has been collected for 10 variables: fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult; life expectancy; air quality; water quality; overall quality of life; percent of GDP allocated to healthcare; cost of 5 fruit or vegetables; CO2 emissions; walk or cycle to work; quality of green spaces. 

The 5 capital cities which ranked the highest, and were therefore deemed healthiest, were Copenhagen (Denmark), Vienna (Austria), Bern (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland) and Berlin (Germany).

Georgian capital Tbilisi is 41st in the list, Azerbaijan’s capital Baku is the lowest ranking capital city in Europe.

While Baku was found to be an affordable city for things like organic food and the cost of a gym membership, it failed to score highly among other variables such as CO2 emissions, air quality, water quality and health expenditure. 

Our results, in full, are as follows: 

Europe’s Healthiest Capital City