Turkish Fashion Designer Says Will Never Dress Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at Tsitsernakaberd during her last visit to Armenia

(Armradio),- Rufat Ismayil, a Turkish fashion designer who has worked with stars like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Ariana Grande and others, has said he will never work with Kim Kardashian, Millliyet reports.

Asked whether there is a star he will never work with, Ismayil said: “I will never dress Kim Kardashian.”

The designer said that’s because Kim shared a photo taken in Armenia to mark the adoption of a bill on “so-called Armenian Genocide,” as he put it.

Ismail said that as an Azerbaijani Turkish designer he never makes outfits for those who recognize the “so-called genocide.”  

“When a customer comes, I don’t ask where he comes from. When the customer comes, I ask what kind of dress he wants to carry and where he goes,” he said.