117-year-old Armenian woman now likely world’s oldest living person

The oldest passport holder in Armenia is 117 year old Farang Baghdasaryan, born in 1901 in Iran.

According to Yerkir Media TV channel, Baghdasaryan now lives in the village of Nor Kyank in Ararat province.

The exact date and month of Farang’s birth are not known. One of his daughters-in-law is 80 years old.

Head of the Passport and Visa Office of the Armenian Police Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan said in a Facebook post that none of the 20 oldest residents of Armenia live in nursing homes.

If the date and month of Baghdasaryan’s birth were identified, he would receive the status of the oldest inhabitant of the planet.

The world’s oldest person Jamaican Violet Brown died last september. She was 117 years and 189 days old.