23 Parties, 4 Blocs Bid For Participation In Snap Parliamentary Elections

Twenty-three parties and four blocs of parties have bid for participation in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20. The political forces had until 6 pm today to submit the necessary documents to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The CEC has five days to process the applications.

Blocs of parties:

Armenia” Alliance
“Free Homeland” Alliance
“I have the Honor” Alliance
Shirinyan-Babajanyan Alliance of Democrats


Civil Contract Party
Fair Armenia Party
Republic Party
Pan-Armenian National Statehood Party
Prosperous Armenia Party
Armenian Homeland Party
National Agenda Party
Christian-Democratic Party
European Party of Armenia
Citizen’s Decision Social Democratic Party
Our Home is Armenia Party
National-Democratic Pole Party
United Homeland Party
5165 National Conservative Movement Party
Bright Armenia Party
Rise (Verelq) Party
Freedom Party
Liberal Party
Armenian National Congress Party
Sovereign Armenia Party
Awakening National Christian Party
Democratic Party of Armenia
Armenian Eagles United Armenia Party

According to the Electoral Code and the schedule established by the Central Electoral Commission, the registration of the electoral lists of the parties and blocs participating in the snap elections will be completed until May 31, 18:00.

Political forces will be vying for at least 101 seats in Armenia’s new parliament that will be elected on June 20 under the system of proportional representation.

Under Armenian law, the parties need to win at least 5 percent of the vote in order to be represented in the National Assembly. The vote threshold for blocs is set at 7 percent.