A call for vigilance and unity: An appeal to Armenians across Ontario

TORONTO– On Sept. 27, 2022, the United Armenian Council of Ontario (UACO) issued the following appeal to Armenians across Ontario.

Armenia’s sovereignty and very existence are in jeopardy due to Azerbaijan’s latest large-scale attacks. Once again, the Armenian people must stand united against this threat.

Azerbaijani forces have targeted Armenia’s military and civilian infrastructure and continue to endanger the safety and security of our people with threats of restarting the war. We, the Armenian nation, must prepare for the dangers ahead and do our utmost to safeguard our territorial integrity and the security of our people.

The United Armenian Council of Ontario (UACO) was founded in 2020 during the 44-day Artsakh War and is composed of representatives from all Armenian political factions, churches, organizations, and associations across Ontario. On Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022, the Council convened an emergency session to re-establish its mandate and bring together the community’s resources.

In this state of emergency, the Council reaffirms its commitment to our homeland and calls on Armenians across Ontario to be vigilant and ready to rally for the future of Armenia and Artsakh.

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