Armenia Recognizes Genocide Against Iraq’s Yazidis

(Armenpress)- The Armenian Parliament recognized the genocide committed against the Yazidi people by terrorist groups in Iraq in 2014.

91 MPs voted in favor of the draft statement on condemning and recognizing the Yazidi genocide, 1 abstained.

We present the full text of the statement:

“The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia,

Reaffirming the commitment of the Republic of Armenia to the human rights protection, the goals and principles set by the UN Charter,

Attaching importance to the efforts of the international community aimed at implementing the provisions of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,

Highlighting the obligation of states enshrined by the international law on respecting the rights of national and religious minorities,

Emphasizing the commitment of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people to fight on preventing genocides and other crimes against humanity,

Taking into account the N2170 (2014) resolution of the UN Security Council, numerous calls of international governmental and non-governmental organizations,


Recognizes and strictly condemns the genocidal acts by terrorist groups against the Yazidi people committed in territories of Iraq under their control,

Strongly condemns all acts of terrorism and extremist ideology, the targeted actions by terrorist groups against the Yazidi people for their ethnic, national, political or religious affiliation, the tortures, inhuman and cruel treatment against them, the deliberate targeting of civilian, educational, medical and other objects of public significance, the destruction of religious and other historical buildings,

Expresses its solidarity to the Iraqi people and state on this matter,

Calls on the international community to investigate these crimes through international procedures, prosecute and hold accountable the persons who committed these international crimes,

Calls on the international community to take measures to ensure the safety and protection of the Yazidi people, provide them humanitarian aid, as well as make all possible efforts to prevent, rule out and eliminate similar human rights violations”.