Armenian Chess Players Dominate ‘Match of the Century’

Haik Martirosyan leads the “World Team” to victory

ST. LOUIS—Armenian under-17 and under-14 chess players dominated the “The Match of the Century,” a chess tournament organized by world-renowned Grand Master Garry Kasparov, which pitted the “World Team” versus the U.S. Team.

The World Team, headed by 16-year-old Hayk Martirosyan, won the match, beating the US team 19 to 13. The US Team, on the other hand, was also led by an Armenian, Samuel Sevyan.

“The Match of the Century” organized by Garry Kasparov is won by the World team against the US team, Sputnik reports.

Martirosyan and Sevyan played against each other twice. Sevyan won the first match, while Martrosyan won the second, ushering his team to overall victory in the competition.

The victory was celebrated at the Hall of Fame of the Saint-Louis Chess Club. The prizes were presented to the winner by the former world chess champion Viswanathan Anand and the leading American Grand Master Wesley So.