Around 40 Musicians To Participate In An Unprecedented Pan-Armenian Interactive Online Charity Program Tomorrow


The COVID 19 pandemic has caused irreversible human losses, and the world is fighting against the coronavirus, trying to save human lives and restore normal life to mankind.

The Tovmasyan Charitable Foundation has undertaken to organize an unprecedented pan-Armenian interactive online charity program with the participation of 36 well-known Armenian stars through VR technologies, which will be streaming live in Yerevan from “Dvin Music Hall” concert hall to Los Angeles for all our compatriots living in Armenia and abroad tomorrow May 2, 2020,  Toronto time 12:20 pm.

Artists from Armenia will perform at Dvin Music Hall, keeping the social distance, and those who will join from Los Angeles will join the concert online.

All proceeds from the concert will go to #covid19 anti-coronavirus programs in Armenia to support the healthcare system by providing the necessary equipment and appropriate medications.

The entire process of collecting revenue from ticket sales will be available online, and Tovmasyan foundation has done everything possible to ensure transparency throughout the process!!

Each of us can contribute and help all our compatriots who need us right now!

To get the tickets, the complete list of all artists and detailed information: