Artsakh Confirms First Case of Coronavirus

(Armradio)- The Republic of Artsakh has confirmed the first case of coronavirus, the Artsakh Information Headquarters informs.

It quotes the Ministry of Health as saying that two people were tested on suspicion of COVID-19, one of them tested negative.

The patient was taken by ambulance to Kashatagh hospital and isolated on April 2, because he had returned to Artsakh from one of the “centers of outbreak” in Armenia.

The second citizen was a relative, who was taken to the same medical center on April 4 with symptoms of bronchitis.

Taking into consideration that after returning from Armenia the citizen lived in the village of Mirik, all 17 people he had contacts with have been required to self-isolate. None shows symptoms of COVID-19.

The settlement 89 km from capital Stepanakert is under strict control.