Artsakh’s People Facing Humanitarian Disaster Due To Prohibited Weapons Used By Azerbaijan

Artsakh ombudsman shows fragments of banned weapons used against civilians during a press conference in Stepanakert, October 11, 2020

“Armenpress”- The people of Artsakh are facing humanitarian disaster because Azerbaijan uses prohibited weapons that can for years endanger the lives of civilians, particularly children, Human Rights Defender of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan said in a press conference.

‘’We are facing a humanitarian disaster. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of unexploded explosives in Stepanakert and other settlements that can for years endanger the lives and health of civilians, particularly children.

I want to emphasize this fact because at the age of 6 I myself was injured by an explosion of Azerbaijani mine and lost my sight after the war (1st war-edit.). Hundreds of children like me lost their lives or health. Not only children but the cases were more among the children’’, Beglaryan said.

According to him, Azerbaijani armed forces deliberately use prohibited weapons in densely-populated areas of Artsakh to cause a humanitarian disaster.

‘’Adequate reaction and punishment are necessary. The international community has much to do for stopping and preventing this humanitarian disaster as soon as possible’’, Artsakh’s Human Rights Defender said.