Azerbaijanis Using Armenian Gravestones To Build Roads, Artsakh’s Foreign Minister Says

(Armradio) – We have information that the Azerbaijanis are barbarically destroying the historical and cultural monuments, cemeteries and gravestones of Artsakh, Foreign Minister David Babayan said in an interview.

The Foreign Minister noted that the Azerbaijanis are using gravestones as construction material for roads.

“This is another manifestation of cultural genocide and barbarism with a political purpose.  They are not only completely destroying the Armenian trace, but are also using it for economic purposes, the Foreign Minister said, calling it a gross violation of international and moral norms.

David Babayan said that according to various reports, the gravestones are particularly being used for construction of te Hadrut-Shushi road.

“There is evidence showing that the Azerbaijani are demolishing the Hadrut cemetery. This information makes it necessary for the international community to carry out monitoring mission and get acquainted with the reality on the ground. It must be implemented by various government agencies. We have sent numerous letters to various international organizations regarding the Armenian cultural genocide committed by Azerbaijan. There is some progress,” the Foreign Minister said, adding that it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process.