MPP Aris Babikian’s 2022 Canada Day greeting

Below is Scarborough-Agincourt Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Aris Babikian’s Canada Day greeting.

Canada Day is a celebration of all things Canadian, including our values of generosity, inclusivity, democracy, tolerance, and diversity. These values of goodwill are what makes us Canadian. It was this same generosity and goodwill that welcomed me to this great province as a newcomer years ago.

Our nation has made substantial progress over the past few years. We are blessed to be free and independent.

I would like to emphasize the resilience of Canadians that has become so apparent in the past two years. This is the day that makes us remember who we are and feel pride in what we are.

Let us all take a moment and look back at some of the incredible contributions Canadians have made throughout history. My best wishes to every Canadian. May you all grow and prosper and take our nation to greater heights!

Let us come together and celebrate this day with lots of happiness and zeal. Whether you are barbequing in your backyard or in a park, please do so safely and cautiously.

Happy Canada Day!