Classes Resume at Artsakh’s ARS Soseh Kindergartens

Asbarez, STEPANAKERT, Artsakh—Following an approximately three-month interruption caused by the Artsakh War, on December 14 classes resumed at the Armenian Relief Society’s Stepanakert, Khndzristan and Aknabert “Soseh” Kindergartens while Ashan’s Kindergarten will open its doors when electrical power is restored, making heating and lighting possible. All in all, 77 students returned to their beloved schools, rejoining with their schoolmates and teachers. Stage by stage, based on the number of families’ return to Artsakh, the number of attending students is expected to rise.

After the disastrous calamities of this war, it was hard for the teachers to resume their work given the still debilitating pain of loss. However, considering the children’s emotional serenity to be overriding all else, they are ready, at least partially, to minimize the terror and pain experienced by this budding generation.

Over these days of Yuletide, we wish all our little heroes a peaceful and happy furtherance of the school year.
This year, through its “Amanor” program, the ARS, alongside the “Soseh” Kindergarten pupils, will distribute Christmas presents to the expatriated children of Artsakh.

The ARS network of “Soseh” Kindergartens started in 1998, in Stepanakert. Some two decades later, the number of Kindergartens in this ARS network expanded to twelve out of which four were later handed to the Government of Artsakh. Until the recent war, ARS had eight kindergartens in Artsakh, with approximately 400 children attending daily classes in social, cultural, physical, and artistic training. As a result of the disasterous November 9, declaration, the “Soseh” Kindergartens in Metz Tagher, Togh, Shushi and Karegah are currently under Azeri occupation.

Taking care of the Kindergarten staff expatriated by the war, the ARS extended financial assistance to them. Today, the ARS closely follows the status of Artsakh, and in cooperation with ARS/Artsakh and ARS/Armenia it continues helping the displaced populations and children and families of soldiers killed in action.

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