“Eternity Square” To Honor The Fallen Heroes Of Artsakh Wars

The Tovmasyan Foundation will establish an “Eternity Square” – a monument to the the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the homeland. Construction on the site has already begun.

The square is located near the Alphabet Park on the road from Yerevan to Aparan. The Tovmasyan family is building a church in the area.

Relatives of the victims of the First Artsakh War, the four-day April War and the Second Artsakh War will be able to plant a fruit tree named after their martyred hero in the “Square of Eternity” and get harvest annually.

 The square, planned to be shaped in the form of a symbol of eternity, will be a square of khachkars and will also be equipped with benches and a parking place.

“Every time I come to Yerablur, I see crying mothers near the gravestones, and I understand how much we owe them. I initiated the construction of this square with the idea that mothers who lost their sons will be able to plant a tree and see their son’s tree bloom every year as well as get harvest to immortalize their hero’s name,” said Artak Tovmasyan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tovmasyan Foundation.

Releasing the doves of peace into the sky, the Tovmasyan family cherishes the hope and dream that the doves, a symbol of love, hope and purity, will bring peace to our country.