First Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opens In Armenia’s Tavush

Tavush Governor Hayk Chobanyan and Chairman of the Armenian community of Ukraine Roman Chobanyan

(Armradio)- The first electric vehicle charging station has opened in Armenia’s Tavush at the initiative of a group of Armenian youth from Ukraine’s Dnepropetorvk region.

Representatives of the Armenian community of Ukraine presented the Ecocars electric transport development project to Tavush Governor Hayk Chobanyan months ago. The project envisages installing electric vehicle charging stations across Armenia under the investment program of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine.

“The opening of the first such station in Tavush is of extreme importance, as we are thus taking yet another innovative step that should be continued,” the Governor said.

 The program aims to open as many stations as possible to encourage the residents of Armenia to buy electric cars with a view of contributing to the formation of an energy-saving and energy-independent state and popularizing the eco-movement.

Recharging will be free to all during the first six months.