Former MP Jim Karygiannis visits the Ministry of Diaspora

Former MP Jim Karygiannis continued his visits in Artsakh and Armenia, where he is participating as an international observer for the Nagorno Karabakh constitutional referendum on February 20.

In Stepanakert, Karygiannis met with Artsakh national Assembly leader Ashod Ghulyan. The former Canadian MP praised the referendum process and the results.

On February 23, Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Karygiannis and highly appreciated the Canadian politician’s active stance on the protection of the interests of national minorities, as well as the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the resolution to the Artsakh issue. “I am glad to welcome you to the Ministry and am aware of your pro-Armenian activities. The Greeks and Armenians are close in terms of their mindset, history and traditions,” the Minister particularly stated.

Karygiannis expressed gratitude for the cordial reception and said he was pleased and excited to be in Armenia.

“This is my second visit to Armenia. I was recently in Artsakh and am very impressed with the small country and its heroic people. I truly understand and appreciate you and know the history of your nation. I have been to Van, Sasun and Diyarbakir and have had many meetings with the local Armenians,” Karygiannis stated.

In 2014, Karygiannis was awarded with the Mkhitar Gosh Medal in Armenia and with the Gold Medal in Artsakh for his contributions to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Canada.