NEPMCC Members Visit Aga Khan Museum

On Monday November 13, 2017, NEPMCC members visited the Aga Khan museum in Toronto and had a guided tour at the recently established centre.


The Aga Khan museum was built in 2014 by the order of the leader of the Ismaeli religious sect and is the first of its kind in the world. The museum was designed around the concept of light. Light is and has been an enduring inspiration for the worlds religions and civilizations since earliest times. 


Three different architects worked on the interior, exterior and overall look of the white granite landmark. Lebanese, Indian, Japanese renowned companies overtook the project.


The museum is heavily involved with promoting multiculturalism and pluralism, through the history and artifacts on display as well as its arts and culture program. The recent theme the museum has adopted for its arts and culture program is “Conversation nation” dedicated to Canada’s 150 jubilee. Also, Stories and Music from Syria’s silk road, as well as a thought provoking lecture held recently in October by Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk titled “ The future of museums is inside our homes”.


The touring event was attended by both Horizon weekly and Torontohye newspaper representatives.