Ontario Liberal Government Pledges $3 Million for The Armenian Community Centre’s Cultural and Recreational Plans

MPP Micheal Coteau making the announcement of $3million pledge towards ACC’s cultural plans on April 13, Toronto.

(TORONTO)- On April 13, The Toronto Armenian Community Centre in North York served as the backdrop for an impressive announcement from the ruling Liberal Party of Ontario.

Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, present alongside his colleagues Soo Wong, MPP for Scarborough- Agincourt and Liberal party candidate Shelly Carroll, proudly announced that the Government of Ontario will help fund the Armenian Community Centre’s cultural and recreational plans with a pledge for $3 Million in capital funding, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, for the Armenian Community Centre’s expansion plans.

Liberal party candidate Shelly Carroll, MPP Michael Coteau, ACC president Vatche Kelebozian and MPP Soo Wong.

MPP Micheal Coteau stressed the importance of investing in community cultural centres that provide learning and development experiences.

He said “The work of members from the Armenian Centre is inspiring and addresses community needs in a significant way.”

MPP Soo Wong mirrored her colleague’s sentiments by reflecting that, “I am proud that our government is able to support projects that make a difference in people’s lives and enrich our communities.”

President of the Armenian Community Centre, Vatche Kelebozian, offered his sincere remarks thanking the Government of Ontario for its momentous pledge.