PM Serzh Sargsyan calls on opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan for immediate political dialogue and negotiations

ARMENPRESS. Armenia’s Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan made a statement on April 21 about the ongoing domestic situation, the PM’s office said.

“Several demonstrations and marches took place in the capital city Yerevan during the past week. Each citizen of our country is entitled with the right of peaceful demonstrations and marches. Authorities have respected this right and will always continue respecting it.

Unfortunately, these public gatherings have frequently crossed the permitted limits of law and received unnecessary and anarchic manifestations, which are talked about in detail in the numerous statements of the police. The ongoing developments are fraught with unpredictable consequences, endanger public order and harm the Armenian society’s complex and delicate harmony.

Each of us must remember, that besides him, no less proud Armenian citizens are living, studying, working and resting in this country. The harmony of our society must be based on solidarity and tolerance.

I am deeply concerned with the domestic developments.  With the goal of avoiding irreversible losses, I call on Member of Parliament Nikol Pashinyan to sit at the table of political dialogue and negotiations. This must be done immediately.

I am sure that all political powers of the country can contribute to forming such a dialogue adequate to the situation,” the Prime Minister said.