Pope Francis Appoints New Pontifical Delegate to the Mekhitarist Congregation

(Armradio)- In preparation for the upcoming Election Chapter at the Mekhitarist Congregation, His Holiness Pope Francis has appointed Most Rev. Fr. Maurizio Malvestiti, Bishop of Lodi, as Pontifical Delegate to the Congregation.

The new Delegate, who takes over from H.E. Mons. Levon Zekiyan, to whom the Mechitarist Congregation expresses its gratitude, will be aided by a team of assistants, comprised of Rev. Fr. Mesrob V. Sulahian and Fr. Serop V. Jamourlian as Councilors, Fr. Hamazasp V. Kechichian as Secretary General, and Fr. Nareg V. Dadourian as Administrator.

The new Pontifical Delegate and the fathers who will assist him in his duties are called upon to address pending issues of the Mekhitarist Congregation, including a review and completion of the Constitution, with contributions from all the Congregation’s fathers, and undertake preparations for the next Election Chapter.

We are confident that, with the will of God and under the protection of the Holy Virgin, thanks to the guidelines of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, a new dawn at the house of Mekhitar will be cause for rejoice and benefit for all, and especially for the daughters and sons of the Armenian people.