Rex Kalamian: ‘It’s A Great Honor To Coach Armenian Basketball Team’

Coach Rex Kalamian

(Armenpress)-The new head coach of the Armenian national basketball team Rex Kalamian could raise Armenian basketball to another level after assuming the post.

Kalamian has nearly 30 years of NBA experience, which could contribute to having a totally new team with high quality.

Rex Kalamian gave an exclusive interview to ARMENPRESS about his joining the Armenian basketball team.

-Mr. Kalamian, how did your cooperation with the Basketball Federation of Armenia start?

-I began speaking with the Federation a couple of years ago, but because of my schedule and Covid, I was unable to commit to coach the National Team. This summer was the perfect time for me to get involved and come to Yerevan to coach our team and help grow the program.

– Why did you agree to coach the Armenian team?

-I have an immense amount of pride to represent Armenia and Armenian Basketball. I am very humbled and excited about the opportunity to coach for the country that my grandmother grew up in. It is a great honor and privilege to coach in Armenia.

– What did you know about the Armenian basketball team before?

-I am still learning about the players and studying their games. We have some very good talent and I’m excited about working with our players to help them grow and develop their talent.

-What is your goal with the Armenian team?

-My goal is to help develop, and sustain a basketball program that includes boys and girls and the youth of Armenia. We are interested in having the game grow in Armenia at all levels. The Men’s National Team’s goal is to win tournaments and eventually qualify for Euro Basket.

-Armenia is just giving a boost to the development of basketball: Wouldn’t be it difficult for such a specialist like you to work here?

-I have over 25 years of NBA experience. I understand that I will need to teach and be patient with our athletes and teaching my system will take time.

-Armenia is going to participate in the European Championship for Small Countries this year. We have already won it once. With what purpose is the team led by you going to take part in the Championship?-I am excited to lead Armenia into the Small Countries Championship. My goal is to win the tournament. To help bring attention to Armenia, our basketball program, and our country. We will work hard to be able to win this tournament, to have good basketball players on the team.